Upcoming Events


"Graduate to a Better Future"

As part of our commitment to the community, Smart Capital Management plans to sponsor educational seminars and other events on a regular basis.

We have workshops on:

SMART Footprint Program TM

The first Wednesday of every month in two locations. 

  • St. Peter's Nursing Home, Albany
  • The Pavillion, Catskill. 

Call our toll free number 877-331-3516 for details.

The program is designed to build families and community together.

SMART Transition Experience TM

This is a step-by-step process divided into distinct phases.  In phase one, you participate in a one-on-one SMART Vision Workshop to assess your current situation and set goals.  When you've completed the session, you'll be ready to participate in The SMART Transition Planner.  Working together in phase two, we help you develope strategies and a detailed plan.  In phase three, we help you develope a team and implement your plan.  You can also take advantage on the SMART Transition Tollbox, our full suite of tools and capabilities.


My Parent's StoryTM, a unique way to look at long term care planning

What people want more than anything is to know that they mattered.  The expeniences they've had are part of that mattering.  If you spend time asking some unique questions that we have developed you will discover fascinating things about your parents, and yourself.  Based on this process you can build a solution on what matters most to you and your family.

Twenty Minute Planner

Embrace the Change, a talk on the 403B Regulation changes.

SMART Plans Workshops

How do you Save Money And Reduce Taxes?  Understanding your 1040 tax return.

Please contact us for more information .

A complete list of upcoming events will be available soon.