The SMART Transition Experience TM

We have created three distinct programs:

  • Educators

  • Couples

  • Business Owners

We have been working in the not for profit K-12, 501(c)(3) marketplace for over two decades.  Through this experience we initially came up with this unique process called The SMART Transition Experience for EducatorsTM.  It is a step-by-step process that helps educators transition into retirement with confidence.  We ask educators to do some homework and to fill out our SMART Transition Scorecard.  This helps our clients discover their big picture through a series of questions relevant to their unique situation.

We also created the SMART Transition Experience for CouplesTM and Business OwnersTM.  We have a unique ability in this area because my wife, Mary Anne Simmons (MBA, CPA) is my business partner.  As a couple, we have faced many challenges, been pulled in many directions and have learned how to build bridges between our personal, professional and financial lives.  These programs are more about aligning your personal, professional and financial goals.